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Who we are.

We are leaders and innovators in the sexual health safety story. Sonder gives users a platform to gain a stronger control over their sexual choices. We help people make better decisions and stop sexual transmitted infections spreading early. Sonder is pro safety, pro sex and ultimately pro health.

Our Mission.

It is our mission to make the dating world a safer place, encouraging better sexual choices and curbing the shocking rise in global STI rates. To date we have partnered with several public health organisations, leading health brands and dating apps to achieve this mission.

Why Partner with us?

We give your organisation the opportunity to improve social responsibility and keep your customers / users safe. We can also help you uniquely target new customers like never before. Find out more by looking at our example partners below.

Example Partners

Public health organisations

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Carefully selected advertisers

Advertise like never before. Target new customers by location, gender, sexual orientation, sexual choices and risk profile.

Dating apps and websites.

Take a proactive approach to sexual health and keep your users safe. Partner with sonder and improve your social responsibility today.

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If you would like to partner with us and join us on this journey, we’d love to talk to you. Email us today