Received an anonymous STI notification from sonder?

Use this page to find out more and what to do next.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. What is

Sonder is a website with a mission to make the dating world a safer place, encouraging better sexual choices and curbing the rise in global STI rates. We provide a platform for users to record key details of their sexual partners and notify them anonymously in the event of STI exposure.

Q. Why have I received this message?

One of your past sexual partners has contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and is using to anonymously notify you that you may be at risk.

Q. Do I definitely have an STI?

Don't panic. Just because you have received this message doesn't mean you have contracted the STI. For example you may have used a condom with this partner or slept with them before they contracted the STI. However, your past partner wanted to let you know you may be at risk.

Q. What to do next?

In every case, it is always highly recommended you visit a sexual health clinic as quickly as possible and get yourself a sexual health check-up. Search online or contact your local health provider to find a sexual health clinic near you. When booking / visiting the clinic, please make them aware of the STI you have been alerted about.

Q. Why anonymous / can I find out who sent me this message?

Sonder’s SMS notification service is completely confidential and we never disclose details to partners of who sent the information in order to encourage as many people to notify their past sexual partners.

Q. I want to report a non-genuine notification?

We treat false / malicious notifications very seriously and we encourage you to report any messages sent maliciously. Please email us and we will investigate.

Q. Should I also sign up to Sonder?

Absolutely. If you are unfortunately diagnosed with an STI then we encourage you to use sonder to anonymously notify any partners they may be at risk. Even if you are clean, sonder gives you the ability to record your sexual partners in a private and secure environment.

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