About sonder.in

Find out more about sonder.in and the company behind the website.

Background / inspiration

Sonder was founded in 2015, at a time when the dating world and hookup culture starting to explode. There has been a clear shift to settling down later in line and sleeping with more people before you do so. This combined with bad sexual choices (low condom usage) has resulted in an exponential rise in STI rates globally.

The solution

Sonder was created to empower people to make better sexual choices. We do this by providing a platform for users to record key details of their sexual partners, gain deep insights and understanding of their sexual choices and even anonymously notify past partners if they catch an STI.

Sonder helps people make better decisions and stops sexual transmitted infections spreading early.

The Sonder team

The team behind the development of this website.
Glenn Taylor Buchan

Glenn Taylor Buchan


Passionate about business development, corporate strategy and customer relationship management, Glenn's background is focused on marketing, entrepreneurship, economics and data analysis.

Ryan Cormack

Ryan Cormack

Co-Founder / CTO

With a strong background in digital marketing and software engineering in both the startup and corporate environment, Ryan brings a fresh focus to web development, with a solid understanding of how marketing and engineering can meet.