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Sonder is your secure online list of past sexual partners, with deep insights and anonymous notifications.

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Why join Sonder?

With the rise of dating culture Millennials are delaying marriage more, and this means they’re sleeping with more people before they settle down. Keeping track of partners and keeping safe is simple with these features:

Your list. Online & secure.

Securely record details of your sexual partners such as names, age, nationality and contact details in a simple interface.

Powerful stats & views

By adding your partners you'll have access to a host of interesting insights about your sexual past.

Anonymous notifications

STD rates are on the rise. Sonder allows you in the event of an STD exposure to contact past partners quickly and anonymously.


Our global user base loves sonder and uses the site in different ways. See what some of our users say below:
  • Customer Testimonails

    Keeping track of my sexual partners has never been easier and sonder makes its safe, simple and most importantly, exciting!

    Rebecca, 22 Australia
  • Customer Testimonails

    A great tool to keep track of previous partners. I never have to worry about someone accidentally coming across it in a diary or iPhone Notes. The stats page is a really interesting and fun way to spot patterns you may have not even considered!

    Jamie, 22 United Kingdom
  • Customer Testimonails

    When I was diagnosed with a STI recently, I was worried about telling a few of my past sexual partners. Fortunately, Sonder eliminated this problem by enabling me to quickly and anonymously notify my partners since my last STI test. This saved a lot of stress and embarrassment.

    Anonymous User, 25 United States


Once you've added your past partners to the list view, you have a host of powerful views at your fingertips. Take a look inside.

List view

A simple view of all your past sexual partners in a table. Here you can add details such as:
  • Name
  • Date
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • If protection was used
  • Contact information
  • Notes

Your dashboard

As soon as you login to the site you are presented with your dashboard. Here you can see the total number of partners you've slept with, safe sex ratio, and other key stats.

Stats view

Your sexual history, visualised, with powerful and meaningful statistics presented in beautiful charts. These include number of partners per year, safe sex ratio and more.
  • Number of partners per year
  • Average age per year
  • Average rating per year
  • Protected vs. unprotected ratios

Map view

An online sexual passport, with the nationalities of your sexual partners represented on a world map.

We have big plans!

Keep checking back. We have exciting improvements currently under development:
  • Aggregated statistics to see how you compare to others globally
  • Targeted messages for high risk individuals
  • A sonder mobile app for IOS and Android
  • More to come...